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UK businesses may be owed millions in compensation

We can help you identify whether you are owed compensation for your energy rates

Have you used an energy broker in the past?

You may have been paying too much for your energy contract

Your business may have secured an energy contract through a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) or Energy Broker. If this is the case, you may be entitled to claim back thousands in overpaid fees.

Millions of businesses across the UK utilise energy brokers to find the best price available for the right type of supply to suit their need. At face value: the reductions, the promotions and deals all seem to be huge value for money.

In return for onboarding you as a client, energy brokers are often paid a commission (which may be variable or fixed) from the energy supplier. Generally speaking, we accept this, and argue that it’s reasonable for a commission to be paid, for assisting both businesses. Sadly, rogue brokers have been deliberately misleading clients to maximise their own income at your expense.

Most businesses we’ve engaged with utilised an energy broker and qualify for mis-sold business energy compensation claims.

Have I been mis-sold my business energy contract?

Not every broker missold contracts, and operated within the fair treatment guidance by Ofgem, however these brokers appear to be in the minority. It’s understood that the average business was subject to an increase in uplift rate through their broker, resulting in higher energy charges than expected, with no explanation.

business energy claim example

Excessive uplift rates, and more specifically the undisclosed fees businesses are charged, are written deep within the jargon and numbers inside an energy contract. We’ve provided the following example to contextualise the amount of commission which you may have been unknowingly paying.

Do not worry however, as Business Energy Claim are on hand to help you recoup these losses.

The key is in the detail

We can help you quickly identify whether you have been missold, and if you have an eligible claim against your supplier.

Clear onboarding steps for your Business Energy Claim

Our claims process is tried, tested and designed in a way, to make it as hassle-free for our clients. We understand you’ve more important things to focus on, like running your business, which is why your involvement is as least impactful as possible. 

Our team of energy experts and case handlers are always available to guide you through the whole process; and endeavour to provide you with clear, ongoing updates throughout the course of your claim being onboarded with us.

We make the process streamline for you

From your initial enquiry through to assignment of your solicitor and ultimately compensation, we strive to offer a seamless process to ensure absolute client satisfaction. We want you to spend more time on your business and less time with paperwork, so our friendly and expert team will make the process clear to you during your first conversation with us, and you can rest easy, knowing Business Energy Claim is on the case.