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How can we help you claim Business Energy compensation?

Numerous companies have fallen victim to deceptive practices involving the mis-selling of business energy commissions. If you suspect that your energy broker and supplier are imposing hidden fees on you, there is a possibility that you are eligible for compensation.  BEC is here to assist you in navigating the potential claim process on a risk-free basis, as we operate on a No Win/No Fee principle. Our legal panel comprises professionals with a proven track record in successfully pursuing claims in the energy sector.

If your company utilised a broker for its business energy contract and you suspect that you are being charged unfair / secret commissions, we are ready to provide our support. BEC simplifies the process of your Business Energy claim and boasts a team of experts who can guide you through the entire procedure. If you are among the majority of businesses in the UK that have been impacted by the undisclosed business energy commission scandal, submit a brief application today. We will promptly reach out to discuss your options with you.

Upholding Our Client's Rights

Below we cover some questions regarding mis-sold business energy contracts. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Let us take the complexity out of making your claim

Business Energy Claims can often be a complex arrangement for a consumer, and we intend to simplify this as much as possible for you throughout your time with us.

No two claims are the same, and the approach in which our solicitor’s take must be personalised for each client. There are however, certain commonalities across these claims and so we’ve tried to take out the jargon to help make your understanding of the process as clear as we can.

That’s why we’ve included some commonly asked questions which our team receive daily. These should cover the majority of your questions, but if you have any queries at all, you’re welcome to contact our energy experts on 0161 240 6999, who will gladly cover any gaps in your knowledge.

We often find the quickest way for our client’s to gain an understanding is to submit their information, and undergo a quick call with your assigned energy consultant, who can clear up any confusion.

Millions of UK businesses have been missold. The first step is for us to carry out an initial, no obligation claim audit, with one of our qualified claims advisors. As a rule of thumb if you have used a broker then you may be eligible.

Whether malicious or not, the increase of already scaling energy prices are compounded even more by undisclosed commissions and undeclared additional fees for your contract. This money could have been used within your business for future growth.

We can assist you in obtaining these from your broker(s) and suppliers and much of the paperwork will be produced by them through the process.

Not all brokers are mis-selling. However, your broker may only have declared the commissions they were comfortable explaining or justifying. 

There are fees involved, but this is done on a strictly No Win No Fee basis. Any fees payable will be declared before any commitment is made by you.

We only require easy to access documents to assess whether you’ve a prospective claim. These are:

  • A signed copy of your LOA – Letter of Authority / contract(s) with your broker.
  • Signed copy of energy supply contracts, failing that, invoices or bills, showing monthly payments.

If these documents aren’t available, we can still help you.

A third party intermediary (TPI) is the term for someone acting as a broker on your behalf, as used by UK Government department, Ofgem – Office of Gas and Electricity Market.

No two cases are the same, and each requires analysis of the documents involved in your contract. We have initial investigation work to do on your behalf. We don’t include an instant calculator on our website for that reason. However, an example would be calculated as below:

+15% of total annual energy spend
Multiplied by the number of years utilising mis-selling brokers
Plus significant damages

* Please note that each case is different and will be dependent on the commission size and energy usage.

This isn’t the case. Instead , Ofgem has put in place a “code of conduct”, but this is not robust enough to prevent mis-selling, as it isn’t governed nor regulated in the same way in which other financial products are.

A Letter of Authority (LOA), is the signed authority you provide to your broker to act on your behalf to find your best option energy supplier(s).

A Supply Contract is the agreement signed with the company that will actually supply your gas and/or electricity. This will be the supplier(s) your broker found for you.

If you have signed copies of contracts and bills, we can investigate the size of your claim without their knowledge.  We do not make a claim against the broker, it’s your energy provider which we pursue. 

No. You have a supply contract in place which is legally binding. If your current contract is unfair, we can argue a case to allow you to leave without additional fees.